Sunday, July 24, 2011

a little Stanton goes a long way..

2008 Stanton Petit Sirah. This is seriously one of my favorite wines. I was introduced to it a few months ago at Yn, a wine bar in Charlotte, and it's always my first choice whenever I can find it.

Winemaker Dave Phinney, whose label Orin Swift produces well-loved wines like The Prisoner, has again shown off his ability to create absolutely perfect balance of dark, juicy fruit, tannin and the right amount of acidic "bite". It's just a pleasure to drink.

You can get a bottle of this goodness at Yn for about $60. If you want to take one home, I've seen it at Petit Phillipe, for less, which makes me think it's available elsewhere too. Or you can order it directly from for $45, shipping extra.

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